LIGHT  ENGINEERING   The InHouse Process



Our steel welders are creative problem solvers who have the lateral vision and the ability to work with our range of complementary manufacturing processes in the development of innovative and cost-effective products.

More akin to creative sculpting:

  • Welding is the fabrication, or fusion of two metals.
  • This weld point is the strongest part of the piece and requires years of experience to perfect.
  • We carry out all welding operations and fabricate as required.
  • Key is the ability to linishing and grind materials prior to leaving for customer deliveries.
  • Professional finishing is key to ensuring our high standard of product remains constant.




At Titan Furniture, we take on all jobs that fit our capabilities.

The Curvatubi bending machine from Italy is CNC semi-automatic machine which allows for a fast bending speed with an accuracy of plus and minus 0.2’.
The highly controlled performance of the machine ensures an accurate reproduction of the programme bending operation, keeping wastage to a minimum.

The Curvatubi bending machine has an inbuilt memory unit that retains the client specific programmes which mean we can reproduce the same item time and again, exactly.

UPHOLSTERY   The InHouse Process

Frame Making


The upholstery frame of a piece of furniture gives the structural support and determines the basic shape of the upholstered end product.

  • May also be a basic piece of wooden furniture which can then become an upholstered piece of furniture.
  • Establishes the final quality, including its durability, and sets limits upon the final design, padding, cushioning, or covering.
  • Can be made with a variety of solid wood, engineered wood products, a variety of polymers and metals, or a mixture of these.



Pattern Making



Building prototypes and specials per architect or designers specifications

  •  Individualized patterns for each piece of furniture that requires unique sizing and styling that cannot be accommodated through the regular product line.
  • Responsible for ensuring correct pattern making techniques are used within the guidelines of modifying standard patterns.
  • The first step to ensuring an accurate fit. The Pattern Maker gives instructions to sewers for constructing more complex patterns.
  • Consultation with frame makers when making improvements and modifications to the existing patterns when new designs and styles are being developed.
  • Understanding fabric shrink rules, stretch, weave, tolerances, and dimensions are key when laying out the pieces of the pattern.